Hello Emerge! Happy Wednesday!

Tonight started off with the oh so typical hang out time. After that, we decided to mix it up a bit and moved into some announcements. Here’s all that info:

  • First off, if you’ve missed the news, we welcomed Corey and Heather as our new leaders this past Sunday, so that’s official now. We’ll go a bit further with that next week, as Heather wasn’t with us yet this week.
  • THIS Friday Night at 7:00 PM is Youth & Young Adult Worship Night. Be here, bring friends, have an awesome time worshipping God! 🙂
  • THIS Saturday is the Car Show from 2:00 to 4:00 PM. We’ll be selling hot dogs and sodas to those who are here. Please be here at 1:00 PM to help us setup (we originally said 1:30, but changed it to 1:00). Also, another note that only those who are here and help will receive a portion of the money we raise.
  • Mall Trip – Yeah, I lied last week. It turns out that the mall trip is going to be rescheduled. We’ll figure that out next week / later.
  • Don’t forget about the boating trip with Cindy & Smoke Dennis. We’re hoping to get more info for you for next week.
  • The VBS One Day Rally is Saturday, August 18th. More info / anything we’ll be involved with will be discussed as we get closer.

Following the announcements came Corey’s mini message. Tonight’s message, entitled “Wimpy Worship” discussed worship. There are 3 key points from the message:

  • Show Up – You have to show up to church to worship (preferably on time!) 🙂
  • Make Up – If you have any disagreements or anything like that with anyone, make up with them
  • Look Up

At the conclusion of the mini message, Corey asked for prayer requests and then prayed over them as well as worship, which came next. Tonight’s selections were “Arise” (Worth Dying For), “Famous One” (Chris Tomlin), “Here I Am To Worship” (Jonathan Noel), and “How Great Is Our God” (Hillsong London). Following worship, Corey prayed again.

We then decided to spent most of the remainder of the night outside playing basketball. I’ll attach a few pictures from that to this post.

At the end of the night, we came back in and passed out a few last promo cards for worship night and asked YOU to bring your ideas for youth group activities next week.

Question of the Week: What are your plans for the summer?