CONVENTION IS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I guess we should talk about tonight first…

We started off hanging out and texting to the screen (not really…). Then, Anna talked about all of the administrative stuff that we needed to go over for convention. I’ll include that in the announcements section below. Then, we moved into worship. Tonight’s selections were My Savior Lives, All Because of Jesus, Our God, and The Stand. After worship, Corey prayed (don’t worry, Anna was there tonight…) and we moved on.

Next came a few announcements. Here are the bullet points…

  • Convention Stuff: We’re leaving at 2:00 pm tomorrow for convention. Please try to be here a little before 2:00 if you can so we can leave on time. If you need the packing list, here it is. Make sure to pack your Emerge Youth T-shirt so that you’ll have it for shirt day on Friday. If you’re bringing a camera, no pictures that are consider inappropriate. Don’t forget your cell phone / charger. (There are probably some points I’m missing, so feel free to post them in the comments if you remember) – Also, feel free to point friends / family to the Follow Us page so they can see what we’re doing at convention!
  • This Sunday is Easter Sunday / Friend Day. Be there (and bring a friend) – Also no Sunday School this week. We’ll be having a continental breakfast instead.
  • If you have a worship request, there’s a new form on our site that can be found here. This is the only way I’ll accept them (It helps in organizing this stuff…)
  • The church has a brand new website. Check it out at
After that, we watched a video that can be found below.

After the video, Corey took over and taught the mini message tonight. Tonight’s topic was Easter. We talked about how Peter betrayed Jesus. Even after Peter betrayed Jesus, the angel told the the three who entered the tomb to tell the disciples and Peter that Jesus went ahead to Galilee. God gave Peter a second chance and he’s willing to give you a second chance today too!
After the mini message, we went through the resurrection eggs, talking about what each of them means. Once we finished with them, we spent the rest of the night hanging out and chatting.
Have an awesome night / week (we’ll see most of you tomorrow at 2:00 PM!)
Question of the Week: Who is your favorite band? Leave us a comment below!