I was not at church tonight, so I asked Kyle to blog for me. Here is the post! Enjoy!
–Brad C.
tonight was a fun night even though we were low on numbers. it consisted of kyle, dez, taylor, maddi, and the usale caleb and lauren. we started the night a little different than normal. everyone was givin a lolipop necklace but the only way we could keep it is if we dont say “the” all night. as you might know thats incredibly hard to do. so after the start of that game we do a brand new ice breaker. there is no name for this game cause its too retarted for anyone to want to name (but surprisingly fun). a small paper bag was placed in the middle of a circle created by the players. the object was to pick the bag up with our mouth then return it to the ground, easy right? wrong, heres the catch you had to be on one foot and couldnt touch the ground with anything els. well lets say the girls epicly faild and it came down to kyle and caleb. after a few rounds the bag was merely a few inches off the ground. after numerous insane tries by kyle and caleb it was declared a tie (if gone any longer someone would hurt themselfs lol). after that we did 2 songs of worship then into the nugget. to put it in a nut shell you gotta relize that the bad times are happening for a reason. dont be misriable because bad is happening but relize that its happening to better prepare you for something in the future. so be thankful for the rough times cause all they do is help you. and to end the night we played a intense game of cranium. (while still playing the lolipop game). the game ended in a tie between 2 teams. kyle and caleb, and taylor and dez. even tho neither team got too far. all in all it was a fun but competitive night.
-kyle coleman