Tonight was extremely fun. We had more people than usual which was awesome. Keep coming back! Tonight, we also welcomed Madisyn into the youth group. She was caped and crowned for Missionettes on Sunday. She will be joining us weekly now. Congratulations on your accomplishments in Missionettes.

We started off with an ice breaker. Tonight, we ditched the Would you rather questions to play the toilet paper game. The people who haven’t gotten to play it took the most toilet paper. That’s all we’re going to say about that…
Worship followed the ice breaker tonight. It was nice having a larger group tonight. Before worship, Caleb took prayer requests and prayed for many different needs, including Hudson who is currently not feeling well. Keep him in prayer. Anyway, tonight we sang Your Grace is Enough, I Am Free, and Our Love is Loud.
Following worship, Caleb discussed Psalm 112 in his nugget. The main thing he wanted us to get out of it was from Verse 4. Since he flew through it, he encouraged us to reread Psalm 112.
After the nugget, we split into teams for the scavenger hunt. There was a long list of items to be found, but in the end, both teams did an awesome job! The winner will be announced next week.
Have an awesome week!