Tonight wasn’t an average night at Victory but it was still awesome anyway!

We started off playing a few ice breaker games. We did some “Would You Rather…?” questions, then played Telephone charades, and ended with Big Booty. After the ice breakers, we prayed and moved on.

Then came the 3-piece section of our 9-piece nugget meal. The first piece was faithfulness. Caleb encouraged us to be committed to what we believe. Through our faithfulness, we become trustworthy which is an awesome thing to be. Piece number 2 of tonight’s nugget meal was gentleness. The practical piece of knowledge that went along with this part was that we don’t want to come off as mean because, well, God isn’t mean and we shouldn’t be either. The final piece of our 9-piece nugget meal was self control which is controlling your actions, words, etc. If you make a decision not to do something, then change your answer, people are less likely to respect you than if you would have stuck with your original word. That was the end of our 9-piece nugget meal.

After that, Maddi brought up a card for Caleb & Lauren and some doughnuts. We ended the night playing Mad Gab.

To Caleb & Lauren: Victory Youth wishes you the best in your future endeavors. Thank you for being such awesome youth leaders over the past year!

To Everyone else: We look forward to seeing you on Sunday & next Wednesday when Anna takes over!