Hello Victory! Tonight was another interesting night. Things were a bit jumbled tonight as well.

At first, since we were once again few in numbers, we joined the adults in the sanctuary. We went through prayer requests and prayed.
After prayer, Caleb announced that we were going to move upstairs, so we all went up. At this point, we moved the couches closer together and did some “Would you rather…” questions.
Following the questions came Caleb’s nugget. He talked about the book of Jonah since this is Shark Week. In that book of the Bible, Jonah is swallowed by a whale, but escapes (in case you didn’t know). Caleb challenged us to read the book Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. He also challenged us to talk to a friend about why they believe in God.
Following the nugget came some worship. We sang Here is Our King, You Never Let Go, and God of this City. After we finished, Caleb prayed and we called it a night.