Tonight was another awesome one at Victory! We started off chatting, as usual, until everyone was there. Then, tonight’s ice breaker was a new game, called Picture Telephone, where one person acted something out to another. The same action was passed down the line and the last person had to guess what the original action was. It was definitely a fun game!

After that, Caleb had one announcement for us. The Back-to-School / End of Summer Cookout originally scheduled for this Friday night has been postponed due to lack of availability. We’ll let you know when it will be when we find out!
After that, Caleb asked for prayer requests and prayed. The next piece of our 9-piece nugget meal came next. Tonight’s fruit was patience. (no, not Heather & Corey’s daughter!) Caleb reminded us tonight that people watch us and we should try our best not to lose our temper. He challenged us to be patient in lines & other such occasions this week. Dez prayed to close the nugget & we moved on with our night.
Next came Praise & Worship. Tonight’s songs were Indescribable, How Great Is Our God, Our Love Is Loud, and Everlasting God. Following worship, Caleb prayed, as usual.
For the remainder of the night, we played Mad Gab, guys vs girls. The guys were victorious tonight! At the end, Caleb prayed & we called it a night.
Have a great week!