Hello Victory peoples! Tonight was another great (and hot) one at Victory! We started off with birthday cake to celebrate Taylor’s birthday. While everyone was eating their cake, Caleb and Taylor took turns asking some “Would You Rather…?” questions.

There was one announcement tonight which caused a lot of discussion. Cindy Dennis wants to take us out on her pontoon boat, probably in early September. More details will come, but tonight’s discussion was sparked by the lack of knowledge about pontoon boats.

Next came prayer time. There weren’t many requests tonight. Caleb prayed and decided to mix it up a bit tonight. His nugget came next. The nugget came from Isaiah 49:2. God has a plan for each of us, and don’t worry if you mess up / get off the plan. You are being polished.

After the nugget, it was time for Praise & Worship. Tonight’s songs included You Never Let Go, From the Inside Out, & The Wonderful Cross. Caleb prayed at the conclusion of that and we moved on.

Next we played Mad Gab. It was guys vs girls tonight (Destruction vs Pink flamingos). The Pink Flamingos came out victorious over all even though Destruction was first to 10. At the conclusion of the game, Caleb prayed & we called it a night.