Once again we were short in people. We made the best of having only three teens.

Caleb started with announcements tonight. There weren’t many. We decided that we are going to tentatively schedule another all-nighter for August 19th. A definite date for it will be coming soon. We also talked about what we’d like to do at this one. Following announcements, we did some “would you rather…” questions.
After those questions came worship. Tonight we sang I Am Free, Blessed Be Your Name, and You Never Let Go. After the songs, Caleb prayed.
Because of the teen shortage, Caleb’s lesson plan changed a bit. Instead of having a lesson, we watched another Rob Bell video (attached below). Following the video, we discussed it.
If you have some free time this week, read Psalm 112. This will be the basis of Caleb’s lesson next Wednesday.
Have an amazing week!