Tonight was amazing. We became a single class with the adults again.

We started off by playing the name game (If I went to Mars…). Following that, we ran through a few would you rather questions. One that seemed relevant was “Would you rather be a hero that isn’t recognized or a rich villain?” Caleb considered this question a test for us.
Following the ice breakers, we moved into worship. We sang Our Love is Loud, Your Grace is Enough, and Everlasting God. Caleb encouraged us to help the adults because they didn’t know some of the songs. Following worship, Caleb prayed and it was nugget time.
Tonight’s nugget dealt with the story of Ruth. He used the book of Ruth to explain the nugget. Two key points from the lesson were that God provides and if you are called to do something, do it.
Following his nugget, Caleb asked for prayer requests and closed in a word of prayer.
Have an awesome week!