Hello Victory!

Tonight was another awesome night! We started out playing the “If I went to Mars…” game. Following that, through reminiscing, we were reminded of our old favorite, “Big Booty” so we played that for a while.

Tonight wasn’t all fun and games though. After them, Caleb asked for prayer requests and opened the night with a word of prayer. Once again, he decided to mix it up and the nugget came right after prayer. We continued onto Nugget #2 of our 9-piece nugget meal. Tonight we talked about love. God is love, and He is in us, so we are also love. Caleb challenged us to focus on showing love this week. He prayed to end the nugget.

Next came a few announcements / discussions. Next week, be prepared to get wet. We’ll be outside doing some sort of water  balloon dodgeball thing. Also, invite some friends. Caleb will send out a text early next week to remind us and find out how many friends we’ll be bringing. We’re also talking about having an end of the summer party. More details will follow about that. A fundraiser is another priority. More details will come when we pick a fundraiser.

Next we moved into worship. Tonight’s songs were Here Is Our King, From The Inside Out, and Our God Reigns. Afterwards, Caleb prayed.

During tonight’s nugget, we decided that the Rob Bell flame video would fit perfectly with the lesson tonight. After worship, we watched it. At the conclusion of the video, we talked a little bit more and then ended a few minutes early because Caleb wasn’t feeling well. Pray that he feels better!

Have an awesome week & be prepared to get wet next Wednesday!