Hello Victory! Tonight was a bit unusual!

It started off the same as any night at Victory. Caleb started with some announcements. The only one was that we made over $200 at the spaghetti dinner on Sunday that benefitted the van fund. Following the announcements came worship. Tonight we sang Love the Lord (Lincoln Brewster – new to us) and God of this City. Afterwards, Caleb prayed.
Then we found out what we were doing. Caleb announced that since we did so well at the spaghetti dinner we were going to get pizza at Jim & Nena’s. We walked down and had a great time of fellowship for the rest of the evening.
After we finished, we walked back to the church, Caleb prayed, and we called it a night.
Have a great week!
PS Don’t kick yourself too hard for missing tonight if you did . . .