Hello Everyone! Tonight was an interesting night at Victory.

We started off with a different ice breaker than we usually use. Tonight’s was called “Two truths and a fib*” where each of us told two true facts about ourselves and then a fib. After the ice breaker, we ran through some of our favorite, “Would You Rather…?” questions.

Following that, Caleb & Lauren talked about a fundraiser opportunity at Dutch Wonderland where we work there & they pay the youth group $8 an hour, and give each of us a Hersheypark ticket. Next, Caleb asked for prayer requests and prayed.

Next came Praise & Worship. Before we started, Caleb emphasized that it was important for us to connect, rather than do the stereotypical things during worship. Tonight’s songs were You Never Let Go, From The Inside Out, and The Wonderful Cross. After that, Caleb prayed and we moved on.

Tonight we began a 9 piece nugget series on the fruits of the spirit. Caleb started with goodness. He challenged to be good in everything we do. He also encouraged us to pray about our hobbies as God will be able to help us with them.

A Rob Bell video was next on tonight’s agenda. We watched the one entitled “Rain” which is attached below. The message was that God will be there for you, and you can always cry out to him.

Following the video, we played Mad Gab in guys vs girls teams. The girls were victorious. After the game, Caleb prayed & the night was over!