Tonight at Victory was great. We had a few guests from the adult class because we were both limited in members tonight.

We started with prayer. There were many requests tonight about all kinds of things. Following that, we played the toilet paper game again. The teens who knew what they were doing were wise and didn’t take too much TP but the adults tended to take more.
Next came some annoucements. We are planning to host a spaghetti dinner on July 12th immediately following the service to benefit the van fun. Caleb and Lauren are looking into some other fundraisers as well. If you drink Mountain Dew, look for a coupon for Dorney Park on the cans/bottles.
Next came worship. Tonight we sang Our Love is Loud, Your Grace is Enough, Holy is the Lord, and How Great is Our God. It was interesting with all the added people in the room. Following that, Caleb prayed and we watched another Rob Bell video. Following that, he did a mini nugget about the video. He used James 1:2 in it.
Following that, he played the OK song that he used previously.
Here is the video from tonight