Tonight was another great evening at Victory Youth. We started with announcements. Caleb reminded us about the Car Wash and Bake Sale on June 13th. We also talked about some events that are currently being planned. As of tonight, Lauren and Caleb have taken over as our youth leaders. Thanks to Paul and Anna for all they have done for us! They have been truly awesome, and we were blessed to have them. We are also blessed to have our new leaders, Lauren and Caleb.

Following the announcements, we moved into some “Would You Rather…” questions. We went around the room and each person answered one question. Following that session, we moved into worship. Tonight, we sang Your Grace is Enough, Here is Our King, and You Never Let Go. Worship was great. Following worship, Caleb prayed.
Next came Caleb’s nugget lesson. We talked about how God can use you for things that you might not think possible. The lesson came from the story of King David, found in 1 Samuel 15 & 16. Caleb ended the lesson by praying that each of us would find God’s plan for us.
After Caleb’s lesson, we played Mad Gab for the rest of the night. Taylor and Dez were the clear winners. Apparently girls are just better at that sort of thing…
Have a great week! Enjoy the end of the school year, and be safe!