Tonight was another fun one at Victory! We met at the church at 6:30 and piled in the church van to go out for ice cream at Sherry’s.

While we were there, we discovered a vending machine that had fake mustaches in it. One of the most memorable quotes from tonight was “Can I Have Your Mustache?”

Caleb forgot his book but had a small nugget. We talked about what it means to be a Christian. Caleb said that even if you have been living in a way that isn’t exactly pleasing to God, today can be your fresh start.

After the nugget and more side conversations, we loaded the van to head home. On the way back, Caleb asked for prayer requests and Kassie prayed for him since he was driving. When we returned to the church, we chatted for a little bit and called it a night.

Have a great week!