Hello Victory! Tonight was another great one! We started until everyone arrived and continued talking about our week and interesting stuff like that. Some “Would You Rather…?” questions were also mixed in there between the many conversations.

Caleb officially got the night started by asking if anyone had any prayer requests. There were a variety of things that were on that list. Caleb prayed & it was “time to sing some songs” as he put it. Tonight’s worship included Here Is Our King, Your Grace Is Enough, and Holy, Holy, Holy. At the conclusion of worship, Caleb prayed and it was nugget time.

Caleb had a nugget planned for tonight, but during worship, he came up with a discussion topic. He decided to do the topic instead of his nugget. The discussion was about worship. We discussed how there are certain stereotypical things that happen when it is time to worship, and how the most important thing is that you are 100% real when it comes to worshiping, etc. Don’t just do what everyone else does.

After the nugget, side conversations continued until the end. At the conclusion of the night, Caleb prayed & we were dismissed.

Have an amazing week!

PS Don’t forget we are going to Sherry’s next Wednesday for ice cream. We’ll meet at the church and leave from there. Bring some money if you plan to buy anything!