Hello Victory Peoples! Tonight was another fun one.

We started off finding out that we would be playing the game where we weren’t allowed to say a certain word. Tonight’s word was “I”. If you were caught saying “I”, you would lose one of your candy bracelets. The goal was to get as many as you could by getting others to say “I”.

After that, we chatted for a while. Part of the goal of the chatting time was to get others to say the word so they would lose their bracelets. Along with talking, Caleb asked some more of the tough questions from his iPod.

Prayer requests came next. School was a big one, since it is ending soon for everyone. Continue to pray for finals and all that fun stuff. After the prayer requests, Caleb prayed. We then moved into Praise & Worship. We sang a new song tonight, called Run. Then we sang Your Grace Is Enough, Here Is Our King, & Indescribable. Caleb prayed once again and it was nugget time.

Tonight’s nugget came from Proverbs 3:1-4. The message was to display love and faithfulness so you don’t become a Christian with a holier-than-thou attitude (so to speak). By doing so, you will have a good name in the sight of God & other people.

After the nugget, we played “Chubby Bunny”. In case you aren’t familiar with the game (like I wasn’t), you put marshmallows in your mouth until you can no longer clearly say the words Chubby Bunny. Kassie was the champion in this game.

The “Don’t Say ‘I'” game continued throughout the night. In the end, Madisyn won the game.

Have an awesome week!