Good evening!

Tonight was another interesting night at Victory. We started off with some “Would you rather” questions. Following them, we moved into worship. We sang Our Love is Loud (David Crowder Band – new song), Indescribable, How Can I Keep From Singing, and Here is Our King. Worship was great. Following it, a few announcements about upcoming events were made.
– We will be helping Gladys on June 27th. More info coming…
– We are planning to hold an over nighter next Wednesday after the service. Be there for all kinds of fun.
– We will be holding a spaghetti dinner on July 12th following the morning service.
Following announcements, Caleb’s nugget lesson came. It came from I John 3 4-6. We talked about sin which was defined as disobeying God. If you know God, you should lose the desire to sin.
Following the nugget, we played Mad Gab for the remainder of the night.
See you on Sunday for Sunday School! Enjoy the rest of your week!