Hello Awesome Victory Peoples! We hope you’re having an amazing week! Youth tonight was great. We had 3 visitors who we hope will become regulars!

Tonight started out like another other. Caleb asked if there were any prayer requests and we opened the night with a word of prayer. Our favorite “Would You Rather…?” questions came next. There were many interesting and weird topics tonight.

Praise and Worship was next on our agenda. We sang Here Is Our King, Your Grace Is Enough, and Doxology by David Crowder Band. (Doxology is a new one that we haven’t done before!) After worship, Caleb prayed.

Tonight’s nugget was about apologetics. Caleb used a video by Rob Bell to illustrate the nugget. The video is at the bottom of this post.

After the video, we played Mad Gab, guys vs girls. (MEN vs Ladies) The MEN proved victorious! After the game, Caleb prayed & we called it another awesome Wednesday night.

Have an awesome week!