Tonight was another great night at Victory. Caleb and Lauren returned to help lead the service.

We started off talking a little about National Day of Prayer tomorrow. Don’t forget to pray!

Then, Caleb continued with another round of Ice Breaker (“Would you rather…?”) questions. We proceeded into worship with a few new songs and an old favorite.

We proceeded to “nugget of knowledge” lesson from Caleb. He talked from John 8:1-11. He encouraged us that even if we do things that are wrong, God forgives us for them. Then, he played a song for us that followed his lesson. It was called “OK”. The song information will be posted later.

After his lesson, we continued to play a few of Victory’s favorite games, including “Big Bootie” and Lonnie’s hand signal version of Big Bootie (name TBD). We also played a new game called “If I went to Mars, I would take…” where went around the room and said one thing we would take that started with the same letter as our name. Each person had to remember everyone else’s name and item.

Have an awesome week, Victory!