Another great night at Victory took place tonight.�

We started with a few announcements from Paul and Caleb. DO NOT FORGET ABOUT THE CONCERT FRIDAY NIGHT! CALL THE CHURCH FOR INFO/TIX (717) 292-7729. Also, starting next month, Caleb and Lauren will be taking over as youth leaders. Paul and Anna will be stepping down. We thank both of them for all of their hard work for the youth group. A car wash will take place to raise money for the youth group on June 13th. Be there…
After announcements we moved into worship, which ended up being a bit strange tonight. After we got through the first song, Your Grace is Enough, we heard a pop and the projector bulb died. For the rest of the songs, the group gathered around the laptop and read the lyrics that way. The rest of the songs from tonight included Here is Our King, God of this City, & a new one.
Following worship, we watched the video that will be attached below using Paul’s laptop. If you missed parts of it for whatever reason, take another look.
Following the video, we played a few games. One of them was Telenary (the cheap knock off of Pictionary). Basically the person in the back was told what to draw, and by drawing it on the person’s back in front of them, it had to make it to the front where that person drew it on a sheet of paper. It was fun!
Following the games, we enjoyed some brownies because this week or next week will be Zach’s last. We will miss him. Good luck, Zach!
Here is the video from tonight! Have a great week, and don’t forget to READ YOUR BIBLE!