Tonight was another great one at Victory!

We started right off with worship. Tonight’s list included: I Am Free and Here is Our King. Following worship, we prayed and headed outside for another fun night.

Outside we started with an ice breaker. It was called the Human Pretzel Game. Everyone linked hands with others and we tried to untie ourselves. See the picture below.

Following the game, we proceeded over to a camp fire where we cooked marshmallows and heard tonight’s nugget of knowledge from Caleb. His nugget was called “How Do I Know I am a Christian?” (or something similar, not coming to me at the moment…sorry). Paul weekly prepares a backup lesson in case Caleb can’t be there. Over the past few weeks, their lessons have matched. That includes this week’s when the title was “Why Am I Here?”

After the knowledge nugget, we continued with the fun and games, trying the pretzel again and cooking more marshmallows.

It was a great night! Don’t forget about the concert next Friday night!