Hello Victory Peoples!

Tonight was another great one at Victory! Caleb and Lauren once again returned to hang out with us.

Caleb started out with an ice breaker, you guessed it, more “Would you rather…?” questions. He changed it up this week, having the teens take turns reading the questions to the group.

After the ice breaker, we continued into worship. Tonight we sang I Am Free, Here Is Our King, How Can I Keep From Singing, and Amazing Grace. The worship was awesome even with such a large group in the room. There were 17 people tonight! God is definitely starting to expand our group! After worship and prayer, we went outside for our “Nugget Lesson”.

During the lesson, Caleb talked about waiting for God to answer your prayers. He used Mark 5:21-43 to explain this to us, where a man must wait to have his child healed because Jesus is stopped by a woman who touches him and is healed.

After Caleb’s spitball of wisdom, we picked teams and played volleyball.

It was an awesome night! See y’all next week!

PS: Let’s see if we can beat the attendance record of 13 students…you can do it, Victory!