Hello Victory Peoples! Hope you’re having an awesome week!

Tonight was the first “normalish” night we’ve had in a while due to various things. We started off chatting but Caleb cut it off tonight because we had a packed night with lots of stuff to do. He started off by asking for prayer requests and proceeded to pray.

Next, it was time for Praise & Worship. Tonight’s songs were Our Love Is Loud, Indescribable, & Holy, Holy, Holy. Following the worship, Caleb prayed again and we moved into the open discussion/nugget.

Tonight’s nugget focused on worship. Caleb used the story of David & the Lion’s Den to illustrate the point. He proceeded to challenge us to be more like David (also worshipful…)

After the nugget, the scavenger hunt began. We broke into two teams & followed the clues to find the various things that Caleb & Lauren hid/found earlier in the day. It was a fun time! In the end, we all came together to see how we did. Afterwards, Caleb prayed & we called it a night.

A couple of announcement things 🙂
– We are planning to try the bon fire again next week since it was raining tonight.
– Don’t forget that this Sunday is the Graduation Service. Come out and support the seniors leaving our youth group!