Tonight, at Victory we had a few visiting leaders, and Anna was missing.

Paul opened us with a word of prayer, then, Caleb lead us in a game called “Break the Ice” where he asked us a bunch of “Would you rather…” questions. Afterwards, we had an amazing worship set using the same songs as last week. After concluding worship and prayer, Caleb showed a video of Trevor Gordon Hall to promote our concert on May 29th. The video will be posted here later, but there are some videos along the right side that you can check out.

Then, Paul’s lesson dealt with the TV show “The Mentalist”. It talked about what mentalists believe verses what is true.

After Paul’s lesson, we played a game called Big Booty where each person had a number and you had to stay on beat and pay attention. It was interesting, thanks Caleb for show it to us! Then, Lonnie got us to switch to a version of the game that Victory played a while ago, using hand symbols instead.

Awesome night! Enjoy your week!