Hey Victory!

Tonight was a great night. We started off by singing “Happy Birthday” to Paul whose birthday is next Wednesday. Then we talked about upcoming events. Here is a synopsis of them.
1. Providence Place visit – next Wednesday (April 8th) – we will be using the eggs to tell the Easter story.
2. Convention – next Thursday through Saturday – Permission slips due ASAP!
3. “Battle of the Bands” – April 25th 2009 – Redland Valley Church – christianbattleofthebands.com for information
After the discussion we started into worship. This has been the first Wednesday with our soundboard back! PTL! Thanks to Jenny P. who donated the money to have it repaired. We did not use lyrics tonight and did surprisingly well. Keep listening to those CDs!
After worship and prayer from Carl, we jumped into going through the play. For the most part it went well, with the exception of some laughs in the middle. We still aren’t 100% sure what was going on… 🙂
Overall it was an awesome night!
Picture from play practice tonight…