Hey Everyone! Tonight at Victory was pretty fun!

We started off by chatting about our week and other fun stuff like that. A few questions about convention came up which were answered. More on that…

We are going to convention Friday and Saturday. We will be leaving first thing in the morning (6:00 AM) from the church. Make sure to eat something for breakfast before coming or bring something that you can eat on the way. Once we get to Hershey, we will get registered and head over to the Giant Center to prepare for the first service. After the service, we will be going out to lunch and hanging at the mall until the service that night. Then we back to the hotel to sleep & get ready for Hershey Park on Saturday. Saturday is Hershey Park until we are tired & ready to come home. You will need to bring money for Hershey Park ($23.95), lunch on Friday (Applebee’s / Red Robin – estimate pricing that way), and for any shopping that you would want to do at the mall. Money for dinner at the mall food court is also suggested.

Also, Caleb & Lauren extended the offer about doing something on Youth Day (which is April 18th). We are still talking about it, so there are no details as of yet even though leading worship this year is one of the definite possibilities.

Okay, after all that, Caleb asked for prayer requests and prayed. Tonight’s Praise & Worship followed with us singing Our Love Is Loud, Everlasting God, & Holy, Holy, Holy. He prayed when worship was done.

Tonight’s “nugget” was relatively simple. As we are getting ready to convention, there will be a lot of hype going on, but make sure that you are there for the right reasons (seeking God) and not worshiping all the hype. After that, we were going to play Mad Gab but the internet was down, so we played a version of “Guess Who” instead where one person had to ask questions to guess what character/person they were portraying. The night ended soon afterward and we called it a night.

See you bright & early on Friday morning!