Hello Victory Peoples!

Tonight we started off chatting a bit until everyone got there. Then, we chatted about upcoming events and announcement stuff.
1) Youth Convention – April 2nd & 3rd – Be at the church at 6:00 am on April 2nd so we can leave to be at convention on time. You will need to bring money for lunch & dinner on Friday and food at Hershey Park on Saturday. You will also need $25 to get into Hershey Park on Saturday. More information for those of you who are going is coming soon from Caleb & Lauren.
2) Prayer Night Canceled – The Sunday Night prayer for this week is canceled. Caleb is going to a heavy metal Christian concert. Anyone is welcome to go. Text him for details.
3) Car Wash – We are tentatively scheduling another car wash for May 8th. More information will be coming about that and the date could change.

After all the announcements were over, Caleb asked for prayer requests and prayed. He left an awkward silence following the prayer, then we moved onto Praise & Worship. We sang Everlasting God, Indescribable, and How Great Is Our God tonight. After that, Caleb prayed.

Time for the nugget! Tonight Caleb used the story of Daniel & The Lions’ Den to talk about the influence that music can have in our lives. That story is found in Daniel 6:1-24 if you are wondering. It is important to know what you are listening to, but as a Christian, you are not limited to listening to Christian music. He showed this video to help prove that point.

After the video, we continued chatting and watched the music videos for a few songs. Then, we decided to play a last minute round of MadGab. The Fuzzy Peaches (as they called themselves) won the match. After MadGab, Caleb prayed and we called it a night!

See you Sunday!