Tonight was another amazing night at Victory! Caleb’s brother, Dylan, joined us and added to the fun.

We started by chatting for a few minutes. After that, Caleb had a few announcements for us.
1) We are planning to reschedule the Movie Night that has been rescheduled twice already. A date is coming.
2) We will be going to Hershey Park on the Saturday of convention. More information about that will be coming as well. (And while we’re at it, Convention is April 1st-3rd. We are leaving the morning of April 2nd to go and staying at the Holiday Inn Hotel.)

After announcements we chatted a bit more then Caleb took prayer requests. He prayed and it was time for P&W. We sang Our Love Is Loud, Everlasting God, and Holy, Holy, Holy. Caleb prayed after that was over and we moved onto our continued discussion about relationships.

Dylan added some items to our list of things to look for in a relationship and we decided which ones were essential and which ones were “nice to have” as it was put tonight. The list of them will be on a page on this site at some point after Sunday.

We also watched the Rob Bell video “Flame” again tonight. Here it is for your viewing please.

Time flew tonight & it was 8:00pm for we knew it. After our discussion about relationships, Caleb prayed & we called it a night!

See you Sunday!