Tonight we started by chatting about many random subjects. Afterward, Caleb introduced a little ice breaker/game that he selected two volunteers to play. The contestants had to “hook together” and move using one arm & leg each without communicating.

Next came some announcements:
1) Pancake Breakfast – We made over $200 at the Pancake Breakfast last Saturday. Thanks to Ruth H. for donating supplies and helping out!
2) Youth Convention – As it is currently planned, we will be leaving early Friday morning to go rather than Thursday when it starts. We will be staying at the Holiday Inn on Friday night. For more information, see Caleb or Lauren or look go to
3) We are going to plan to have Trevor Hall & Shaun and Jenna Murray come back sometime this summer. More information about that is coming.

Afterwards, it was prayer time. Most of tonight’s prayer requests dealt with school and/or college/future plans. Once Caleb prayed, it was time for Praise & Worship. We sang Our Love Is Loud, Everlasting God, & Holy, Holy, Holy. Caleb prayed when P&W was over and we moved on.

The nugget / open discussion came next. Tonight we talked about relationships. The scripture Caleb used came from 2 Corinthians 6:14-18. We made a list of good qualities of a relationship and one of the ones was that the other person is a Christian. The nugget was to be sure that you are equally yoked in your relationship (having the same beliefs).

After the nugget, Caleb prayed & we called it a night.

Have an awesome week!