Tonight was another great one at Victory! We started off with an ice breaker that consisted of random facts and some “Would You Rather” questions. Announcements were next, and as usual, there were many because this is a busy time for us.

1) Pancake Breakfast – Saturday March 6th, 2010. Anyone who is planning to go to Youth Convention should attend. Be at church by 6:30 am.
2) Pancake Breakfast Setup – Friday March 5th, 2010. We will meet to set up tables, plan jobs, etc. Be here at 6:30pm.
3) Youth Convention – Caleb needs $20 from anyone planning on attending by next Wednesday.
4) Prayer Nights – every Sunday night from 6:30 to 7:00pm. Come join us for a time of prayer.
5) MOVIE NIGHT – This Friday, we will be gathering in the Youth Room to watch a movie (Up or Back to the Future) at 7p. Join us if you can for a night of fun!

Next, Caleb took prayer requests. Most of them were school related. He prayed and we moved into Praise & Worship. We sang Here Is Our King, Indescribable, and How Great Is Our God. Afterward, Caleb prayed and it was nugget time.

Tonight’s nugget dealt with prayer. It came from Matthew 6:5-15. Caleb discussed how to pray and showed us the basic structure that we should try to make our prayers. follow. He challenged us to pray using the structure for the next week and beyond.

After the nugget, Caleb had two games that we played. The first was a game on his iPod where we passed it around and it asked us a question. The other game, called Pass The Popcorn, was a game that described movies and we had to identify the title of the movie. Dez came in first place in this endeavor.

After all the fun, Caleb prayed and we called it a night! Have an AWESOME week!