Last night at Victory was great. It was an awesome first service for 2010!

Caleb started off with some announcements about stuff that we are hoping to plan, such as a bowling night, a snow tubing night, and a fundraiser to help fund youth convention. We also talked about some other upcoming events. Caleb is also thinking about starting a prayer night on possibly Sunday nights for half an hour. More information about this will be forthcoming.
Next, Caleb asked for prayer requests and prayed. Worship followed with Here Is Our King, Our Love Is Loud, You Never Let Go, and Holy Holy Holy. Afterwards, Caleb prayed and we moved onto the nugget.
Because Caleb had written notes about the night’s nugget down, we coined a new term, known as nugget notes. The nugget talked about fellowship and being challenged spiritually. The verse he used to back up the fellowship part was Philippians 2:1. The next part of the nugget was about being challenged spiritually and came from 2 Kings 6:13-17. In the end, Caleb tied everything up so that it was more clear as to why he talked about both topics in one night.
After the nugget, we had a discussion about many other random topics. Afterwards, Caleb prayed and we called it a night!
Have an awesome week!
Don’t forget the challenge to find a friend to invite to church!