Tonight was another great night. We had the highest attendance in a while.

We started off playing a game where we each drew a few pictures and then the group tried to guess whose paper was whose. It was fun and we got to learn some things about each other that we wouldn’t have known before.
Next came P&W. We sang Here Is Our King, Our Love is Loud, Your Grace is Enough, and Holy Holy Holy. After that, Caleb prayed. Afterwards, Caleb played the video that can be found below. It had no point, really, but we enjoyed it.
Next came the nugget which came out of Luke 2. This is the Christmas story. Caleb pointed out that after Jesus was born, the angels told the shepherds who weren’t the highest respected first. He pointed out that even if you aren’t the best person, God can and will use you for amazing things.
Following the nugget, prayer requests were taken and Caleb prayed for the multitude of requests.
After that, we broke off into teams and played Pictionary. It was a great game.
1) Next week, we will be going Christmas Caroling with the Missionettes.
2) The following week, 12/16, we will be having a Christmas party during youth group.
Have an awesome week!