Tonight at Victory was awesome. We started off with an ice breaker in which we wrote down our fears and then Caleb read them aloud. The ice breaker had the same theme as the nugget for tonight. That took a while because we kept getting distracted by side conversations, but it was a great time of sharing.

Caleb then announced that we will be going bowling on Sunday night, January 17th. If you are going, meet at the church by 6:30pm. After that, Caleb took prayer requests and prayed. Keep each other in prayer as we go through finals and/or midterms at school the next few days.
Next came praise & worship. We sang Your Grace Is Enough, Love the Lord, God is Great, and How Great is Our God. When we finished, Caleb prayed and we moved onto the nugget.
Once again, Caleb had some nugget notes to go along with tonight’s nugget. It came from Numbers 13 and the first few verses of Numbers 14. The three main points of the nugget were don’t wait for God to do things for you, don’t let others tell you that something is too big, and fear is not from God.
Following the nugget, we chatted for a few minutes, and the night was over, so Caleb prayed and we were dismissed.
Have an awesome week! See you on Sunday for bowling!