Tonight was sweet!

We started by discussing Breakaway and doing some “Would You Rather…” questions. There was one that we found funny, that we had to save for Lauren, asking “Would you rather have a kid that is cute and a brat or have an ugly kid that is good?”. She picked the cute kid, but many others said ugly.
Afterwards, Caleb took prayer requests. Many of them had to deal with school and some other assorted issues. Caleb prayed and then we got our P&W on. We sang Here Is Our King, Our Love Is Loud, Your Grace Is Enough, and Obsession. During the song Obsession, Caleb encouraged us to think about our relationship with God and focus on the lyrics to that song. After worship, Caleb prayed as usual. Then he played a Family Guy commercial where one of the characters bugs another until they finally answer. He compared this to us praying to God but not receiving an answer right away.
Then we watched the Rob Bell video, Noise. It is posted below. You might notice it is a bit different than all the other videos, which appealed to the group of us that was there tonight.
Following the video, we discussed it a bit, and then played Whoonu for the rest of the night.
It was a great night! Have an awesome week! See you on Sunday!
Quick Note: Everyone will be in the sanctuary next Wednesday for a Thanksgiving eve service. No youth 🙁