Tonight at Victory was great. We started with a new game. Each person received five Victory bucks. The goal was to get the most Victory bucks by doing rock paper scissors, thumb wars, or swords with another person.

After playing for a few minutes, we officially got started. First Caleb made an announcement about Break Away at VFCC. If you are interested, see Caleb for details. Next, Caleb took prayer requests and we prayed.
Following prayer came worship. We sang Your Grace is Enough, Our Love is Loud, and How Great is Our God. Caleb prayed and we moved into the nugget. Tonight’s nugget was more of an open discussion about worship. Caleb did most of the talking, but we learned a lot. One of the more important notes was that people worship in different ways and just because you are jumping around getting crazy doesn’t mean that you aren’t worshipping as well as someone who might be.
We finished the night with a round of Mad Gab. It was fun.
Have an awesome week!