What’s up Emerge? Tonight started with an extended version of everyone’s favorite, chat time. After that, we moved into our time of worship. Tonight’s songs were “Today Is The Day” by Lincoln Brewster, “Desert Song” by Hillsong, and “The Stand” by Kristian Stanfill. At the end, we attempted to sing one of the songs from convention (“Spirit Break Out”), but it didn’t work as planned, so we’re going to attempt that again soon. After that, Corey prayed and we moved into tonight’s message.

Tonight’s message came from Ephesians 2:1-10 and talked about how we are saved by grace through faith. The message started out with Corey showing us a plaque that he received after competing in track and field in high school. We talked about how we can all get things like that, that show we achieved something. The message also talked about we don’t have to do good works and receive things for them to get into heaven, we have to have a relationship with Jesus based on faith. Basically, the good things we do don’t save us – we are only saved by God’s grace.

That’s about all for tonight’s post. I think this may be one of the shortest from me yet! 🙂

See you Sunday!

QOTW: Did you spot Corey in the picture on the plaque (if you were there)? If you weren’t: What did you do tonight?