Err…technically the tree was in the corner of the room, so we weren’t really around it…

Anyway, tonight was our annual Christmas party. We started out hanging out, chatting, and listening to some Christmas musical. After a while, Corey prayed and then we dug into the food that they brought for us to enjoy. After our food and fellowship time, we re-grouped to do our white elephant gift exchange.

To start, each person pulled a number from a basket to create the order in which we’d get our gift. We went in order and each person picked a gift and opened it. The catch was that, if you wanted to, you had the opportunity to steal another person’s gift. Lots of that occurred, but it seems that everyone ended up with what they wanted.

We ended the night by playing a game where the group split into teams and had to use household supplies (paper towels, aluminum foil, etc) to dress one or two people up as a character from the Nativity scene. The results were awesome. Check out the attached photo gallery to see them. After the time allotted, we took pictures of them and let the adult class decide who would be the winner. The adults voted for the Mary & Baby Jesus team.

We ended the night with a reminder that there is no youth next week. We’ll resume Wednesday, January 2nd.

QOTW: What is your favorite thing about the Christmas season?

Merry Christmas!


Below are some photos from the Christmas party. You can find more on our Facebook and Instagram pages.