…And no we aren’t talking about Heather & Corey’s daughter! 🙂

Anyway, tonight started out with some hang out time downstairs. After heading up to the youth room, some members of the group went downstairs to pick up more soda that was left in the fridge from Sunday’s Hot Dog Grab ‘N Go. After they returned, we moved into worship. Tonight’s songs were Love Riot (Worth Dying For), I Am Not the Same (Unhindered), Our God (Chris Tomlin), and The Stand (Hillsong). After worship, Anna prayed.

Announcements came next. There were several of them tonight, so pay attention…

  • Car Wash – We’re having a car wash (not a carl wash – you’ll only get it if you saw the post from a few weeks ago before I caught it) on Saturday, May 19th from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Come out and wash cars and earn money for convention!
  • Graduation Service – Sunday, June 3rd 10:30 AM – Be here and support Taylor & Megan as they graduate from our group…
  • Worship Night – Friday, June 15th – We’ll be gathering for another night of praise, worship, fun, and fellowship on June 15th. More details are coming. If you have a song request, please submit it using the form here ASAP (Make sure to mark it worship night)
  • Saturday, June 30th – Mall Trip – We’ll be heading to a mall (TBD) for a day of fun. More details coming soon.
  • We’re still collecting money for wells in Africa. Watch the video that explains that HERE and be sure to bing in some money!
  • Convention DVDs are here. We’re going to show them eventually and possibly have a time for you to invite friends. If you’d like a copy, let us know.
  • We had our Hot Dog Grab ‘N Go on Sunday. It was a successful way to put the beginnings on next year’s convention fund. If you were there and helped, you have about half of your registration fee paid! 🙂
  • The church is having a car show on Saturday, June 16th. We will be selling hot dogs/baked goods to the people who come to check out the show.
  • Cindy & Smoke Dennis have invited us to go out on their boat with them sometime this summer, most likely in July. We’ll let you know when a date is determined.

After the announcements, we sang Happy Birthday to Alexis and enjoyed some cupcakes.

Anna’s mini message, about the fruits of the spirit, came next. Tonight we were going to talk about patience, kindness, and goodness, but God changed the plan and we discussed patience. While talking about patience, we discussed times when our patience is tested, including waiting in lines and road rage. Anna encouraged us to see how God’s fruits are working in our lives this week. We’ll be discussing that a bit next week.

After the mini message, Anna had the teens find a “niggly wiggly” that she hid somewhere in the youth room. It ended up being the paper tab on top of a Hershey kiss.

After that fun, we watched the Young Chozen video from convention again.

That’d be all for tonight. Please enjoy this picture from tonight’s birthday celebration.

Question of the Week: How have your fruits been tested this week?