…And our youth group is afraid of stinkbugs!

Tonight began with a bit of extended chat time, which eventually turned into “Kill Those Stinkbugs!” (A few were spotted in the youth room, so Tim ended up finding and killing them)


Next, we showed the “What Does The Fox Say?” video that has been somewhat viral on the internet, followed by the Instagram clip from Doug Sayers, the PennDel District Youth Director.

After the video, we moved into tonight’s time of worship. Tonight’s songs were “I Am Not The Same” by Unhindered, “One Thing Remains” by Jeremy Riddle, “Closer” by Worth Dying For, and “How Great Is Our God” by Hillsong London. Following worship, Anna prayed.

Next came a few announcements.

  • Tabernacle – We’re studying the Tabernacle during Sunday School every week at 9:30 AM. Join us if you’d like to learn more about it.
  • Invite Cards – In case you didn’t know, we have “invite cards” available that list all of our information. Feel free to grab some from the youth room to pass out to friends. (We’re in an unofficial competition with Pastor Jeff, who recently borrowed that idea for the church, so be sure to grab some & invite friends!)

After that, we moved into tonight’s mini message, which began our series based on the “Do You Seriously Think God Can’t Use You?” poster that lives on our door. Each week, we’ll be looking at one of the Bible characters and talking about how they were used even though they had some sort of flaw.

Tonight’s character was Noah, who is famous for building the ark before the great flood. We talked about why God had Noah build the ark and how Noah ended up sinning after God had used him (by getting drunk from the wine in the vineyard he planted). Here is the video clip that was shown about Noah building the ark. It just goes to show you that it’s still possible to “blow it” after being used by God. It’s all part of His plan and as long as we ask forgiveness for our sins (and truly mean it), we’ll be okay. Feel free to add what you got out of tonight’s message in the comments! 🙂

After the message, we spent the rest of the night hanging out & talking about all kinds of random stuff.


What are you afraid of? (I know what the answer will be for the girls!)