What’s Up Emerge? Happy Wednesday!

Tonight started off with our chat time, as well as the texting to the screen. After that, we started with a video based on the song “Take It All” then moved right into worship. Tonight’s songs were “Take It All” (Hillsong), “One Thing Remains” (Bethel Live), “Spirit of God” (Worth Dying For), and “Let It Rain” (Jesus Culture). Following worship, Anna prayed and we moved on.

Next we went over a few announcements and started to plan dates for upcoming events. Here’s all that info:

  • Car Wash – Saturday, May 19th from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. We’re also hoping to have a bake sale that day. Be sure to be here that day to help start raising money for convention next year.
  • Graduation Service – Sunday, June 3rd – Be here to support our graduates, Taylor & Megan.
  • Mall Trip – Tentatively scheduled for Saturday, June 30th – More details coming…
  • Worship Night – Friday, June 15th – also more details coming soon!
  • Hot Dog Grab N Go – Sunday, May 6th – We’ll be having a hot dog grab n go after the church service. Another convention fundraiser, be here to help out that day too! 🙂
  • We now have a glass container in the youth room where you can place donations for the STL wells in Africa. We’ll show the promo for that again soon, but don’t forget to bring in your loose change for that soon. It costs $20 to give a child clean water for life.
  • THIS Sunday – Come out and support Katie & the Dover Intermediate School Select Ensemble as they sing in the morning service.
  • NEXT Wednesday – We’ll be joining the adults in the sanctuary to hear our resident missionary talk about his experiences in Romania – yeah, still be here! 🙂
  • The church is going to be buying the convention DVDs for us. If you’d like a copy, let us know.
After all of the announcements and event planning, we moved on to tonight’s mini message. Tonight’s message discussed the first 3 of the fruits of the spirit. They are love, joy, and peace. After Madisyn read Galatians 5:22-23, we watched the following video.

After the video, Anna continued with her mini message discussing love, joy, and peace. After the message, we spent the rest of the night playing Pictionary / Win, Lose, or Draw / Draw Something (whatever you want to call it) – We used the game played on our devices to get ideas to draw on paper in the youth room.

That’s it for tonight. Remember to be in church on Sunday to support Katie & the Dover Intermediate School Select Ensemble.

Question of the Week: Which of our upcoming events are you most looking forward to and why?