Hey Emerge…happy Wednesday! Tonight began with our usual chat time, followed by a few announcements…

  • We also meet every Sunday at 9:30 AM. Join us then too!
  • If you think about it / remember, wear your convention T-shirt (or a tie-dye shirt) next week.

After that, we moved into tonight’s worship time. Tonight’s songs were “All Because of Jesus” by Fee, “One Thing Remains” by Jeremy Riddle, and “Father Will You Come” by Unhindered. Following worship, Corey prayed and we moved on.

Tonight’s mini message opened with a skit where one person was the boss, and the other was an employee trying to get off work. The employee came up with a few lies to try to get off, but the boss figured it out each time. Eventually, the employee learned that telling the truth is a better option.

After the skit, Corey began the message by sharing what it would be about and reading the main verses (Ephesians 6). Tonight covered the belt of truth, one of the components of the Armor of God. We talked about the fact that 91% of Americans admit to lying according to a survey. We also discussed that the Bible doesn’t talk about hate much, but one of the things that it says God hates is lying (See Proverbs 6). Corey pointed out that truth helps us to build character, spiritual depth, and confidence.

Following tonight’s message, we answered 10 multiple choice questions, talking about lying and other Biblical things in groups (boys vs girls). The boys (Tim & Brad) got the most questions right. We finished the night by chatting for a while, then eventually heading outside for the last few minutes.

QOTW: Are you part of the 91% that lie?