What’s Up Emerge? Happy Wednesday!

Tonight started off with a slightly extended chat time. After that, we moved into worship. Tonight’s songs were “One Way” (Hillsong), “Never Look Back” (Worth Dying For), “How He Loves” (David Crowder Band), and “The Stand” (Hillsong). After worship. Corey prayed and we moved into some announcements:

  • Youth & Young Adult Worship Night – Friday, June 16th – BE THERE AND INVITE FRIENDS!
  • Mall Trip – Saturday, June 30th – More info coming…I promise we’ll tell you more next week. Bring money for food, etc though!

After the announcements, we showed a video clip that went along with Anna’s mini message. Here it is.

After the video, Anna moved into our mini message that would have been directed towards the graduates, even though they weren’t there tonight. The message discussed the fact that the past is behind us and there is a new adventure waiting for you. At the end of the mini message, Anna made one final announcement that tonight would be her last night as our youth leader. Heather & Corey Little will be taking over starting next week. If you’re available to be here Sunday, we’ll be installing them as the new youth leaders.

Afterwards, we headed outside and attempted to build a fire to have s’mores, but that didn’t happen as planned.

Anyway, please be here Sunday to support Corey & Heather, as well as Anna.

Question of the Week: How do you feel about tonight’s big announcement? Leave a comment below (or send us an email.)