Happy Wednesday to ya! Tonight we started off with (you guessed it) the usual chat time. During that time everyone signed a birthday card for Anna, since, if you haven’t heard yet, tomorrow is her birthday. After the chat time, we watched a video showing a kid’s point of view on Easter (I don’t think I can attach it because it is no longer available on YouTube).

Once the video ended, we moved into worship. Tonight’s selections were One Way (Hillsong United), Your Grace Is Enough (Chris Tomlin), Closer (Worth Dying For), and Risen From The Grave (Worth Dying For). Following worship, Anna prayed. Continue to pray for those in the group who aren’t feeling well this week…bronchitis is attacking us…

Next, Brandon brought in a cake and we sang Happy Birthday to Anna, whose birthday is tomorrow. (Seriously, Anna’s birthday is coming up…). We then took some time to enjoy the cake and then moved onto some announcements:

  • Youth Car Wash / Bake Sale (?) – We’ll be washing cars on Saturday, May 19th from 10:00 AM to noon. Come out to help us start to raise money for convention next year.
  • Graduation Service – We’ll be having a graduation service for Taylor & Megan on Sunday, June 3rd. Please be in church that day to support those who are graduating (and leaving our group 🙁 )
  • Mall Trip – We’re starting to plan a mall trip to either KOP in Philly or Towson in Maryland. A date and more info is coming soon…
  • Worship Night – We’re going to be planning another worship night soon. Let us know any dates that will/won’t work for you in the comments below (or see Brad/Corey)
  • Website (You are Here) – Reminder that we have a website where we post a recap of each Wednesday night. If you’d be interested in helping with the website, please let me (Brad) know. (We can train you…)
  • Sound Help – If you’d like to learn how to operate the tech stuff in the youth room, see Brad.
  • Bible App – We passed out stickers for the YouVersion Bible app / website tonight. If you have a device that supports it, be sure to download the app and check out the many things you can do with it!
After the announcements, we watched a video about the fruits of the spirit.

After the video came Anna’s mini message. Tonight we discussed the fruits of the spirit. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a deeper look at them. In case you don’t know them, they are Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-control. Tonight we took a look at what they are and talked about how to bear “good fruit.”

After the mini message, I announced a few things that I forgot during announcements (They’re already included above), then we spent the rest of the night playing Draw Something (since we’re still very much so addicted…)

That’d be all for this week. See you Sunday!

Don’t forget to wish Anna a Happy Birthday tomorrow.


Question of the Week (Going completely random this week): What is your favorite dessert??