Hello Peoples of the Interwebz! Happy Wednesday! Tonight we started off with some chat time, as we waited for Madisyn to join us. When she arrived, we sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed some brownies (made by Heather) and cupcakes. After that time of fellowship came a few announcements. Here’s that fun stuff:

  • Bonus Books – We’re still selling ’em. The cost is $28. If you don’t have any or sell all of yours, feel free to get more from Heather or Corey.
  • Corn Maze – We’re going to the corn maze this Sunday after church. The cost is $10 per person. We’ll leave right after the service & return between 7:30 and 8:00 pm. (Brad’s Side Note: You may also want to bring money for food, but I’m not sure yet. I’ll update this when I confirm that with Heather & Corey.)
  • Trunk-or-Treat / Teen Hangout – On Wed., Oct 31st, the church is hosting “Trunk-or-Treat” where people will bring their cars and pass out candy from their trunks. The youth group, aka WE, will have some fun stuff setup in the youth room where we’ll invite any teens that come that night to hang out. Please be here. It’ll be a fun night!
  • Worship Night – We’re having another worship night on Friday, November 2nd at 7:00 pm. This one will be a bit different though, since the worship band is playing and we’re opening it up to everyone. Please plan to join us that night for a great night of worship!

After the announcements, we moved into a time of worship. Tonight’s songs were “Today Is The Day” by Lincoln Brewster, and “How He Loves” by David Crowder Band.” Following worship, Corey prayed.

We then introduced tonight’s Gospel Journey episode and watched it. Tonight’s episode dealt a lot with Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and also shared Greg’s testimony. Following tonight’s episode, we had our usual discussion time. There really isn’t much to say about that though.

Here are a few things that may help you when thinking about the Trinity.

After the discussion time, we shared prayer requests, then Corey prayed to end the night.

See you Sunday!

QOTW: Be honest, what did you think was going to happen to the lamb in tonight’s episode?