What’s up Emerge? Happy Wednesday! Tonight we continued our Gospel Journey series, going through the “O” in G.O.S.P.E.L. Before we dove into that, we started with a few announcements. Here they are:

  • We’re still collecting for the “water for life” thing. Bring money in?
  • We’re working on picking a date for the corn maze thing. Heather & Corey will work on finding a few more and email you / let you know about them this week.

After the announcements, we moved into worship, which for the first time ever was only one song, that song being “Risen From The Grave” by Worth Dying For. After that, Corey prayed and introduced tonight’s video. We then watched the video.

After the video, we had our typical discussion about it. Tonight’s focused on sin, and how people see God, as either loving or Holy (set apart). There really isn’t too much else to say about it, as the case has been over the past few weeks. Be sure to join us Wednesdays so you’re not missing out!

QOTW: Did you attend See You At the Pole this morning? If so, how many were in attendance at your school?