What’s Up People of Planet Earth? Happy Wednesday to ya! Tonight was the first full night of the Gospel Journey series, meaning the first session that was 40 minutes. We started off the night with our oh so typical chat time, then moved into a few announcements, which I’m thinking most of you can repeat back to me word for word by now. If you can’t, here they are.

  • See You At the Pole is NEXT Wednesday morning at your school’s flagpole. It usually starts about 30 minutes before school starts, but see your school for complete details. Don’t skip it…we’ll ask you next week! 🙂
  • We’re kinda, sorta, still collecting for the PennDel Cup of Water thingymabob. Yeah, bring money if you think about it / can.
  • We’re looking into going to a corn maze at some point in the near future. If you could be awesome and email Heather & Corey some dates that work, that’d be great. You can email them here.

After the announcements, Corey introduced the first worship song, then we moved into worship. Tonight’s songs were “Taking Back” by Worth Dying For and “Closer” also by Worth Dying For. After worship, Corey prayed and then introduced the Gospel Journey clip. We then spent about 40 minutes watching that.

After it was over, we went over a few corrections to the character sheet, then had our discussion. Our discussion talked about many things, from discussing the beliefs of the characters to talking about how even if Adam & Eve wouldn’t have sinned, someone along the lines would have. You really had to be there to get the full effect of it all, so, you should definitely try to attend! One of the discussion questions was based off of Genesis 2:7, which can be found in the image below.

After all of the discussion, we were challenged to start a conversation with someone this week about beliefs. Corey then ended the night in prayer.

QOTW: Is there a character in the Gospel Journey that you tend to identify with? If so, who?