What’s Up Emerge? Welcome back to the blog!

Tonight we started off a bit different than usual. Rather than doing worship on our own in the youth room, we joined the adults in the sanctuary and filled up our own pew. Tonight’s songs (done in worship night style with lyrics over a music video) were “Still Standing” by Lakewood Church, “Wonderful God” by Paul Baloche, “Desert Song” by Hillsong, and “Revelation Song” by Kari Jobe. After our time of worship, Pastor Jeff prayed, then we made our way back to the youth room.

Once we returned to the youth room, we hung out and chatted for a few minutes, then watched a video entitled “Stethoscope” (see below).

Following the video, we moved on to some announcements. Here’s that information:

  • We recently found one of the clue cards from our New Year’s Eve party! Can you believe they’re still floating around? It’s been 6 months!
  • The VBS One Day Rally is Saturday, August 18th, if enough people sign up to help. If you haven’t signed up and are available/able to help that day, please contact the church by Sunday, July 15th.
  • We’re still collecting for the “Cup of Water” project sponsored by PennDel Youth to give a child in Africa water for life. The goal is $20 and we’re more than half way there! Keep bringing in that change!
  • We have an app now. (Okay, don’t get too excited it’s not in the app store…yet.) You can get it by visiting m.emergeyouth.org on your mobile device.

After those announcements, we worked on scheduling (and rescheduling a few events). Here’s what we came up with for that.

  • We’ll be having a car wash on Saturday, August 11th from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Come out and help wash cars. Proceeds help to pay for youth convention next year! (By the way, some of you are getting close to having it paid for based on the fundraisers we’ve done so far…see a leader if you’d like to know what you have in your “account” so far.)
  • The infamous Mall Trip will be the evening of Friday, August 24th. We’ll let you know what time we plan to depart/return soon.
  • And finally, NEXT WEEK, we’ll be going mini-golfing during our time together. Please make sure you bring a signed medical release form, otherwise you won’t be able to join us. [EDIT: The mini-golfing next week will cost $6.50 per person, so please be sure to bring money along. If you want to save money, check the Clipper where there might be a BOGO coupon.]

Once we finished that part of the show tonight, we watched another video (see below), then Corey moved onto tonight’s mini message.

Tonight’s mini message came from Luke 15:11-32. The message reminded us that even if we stray away from God, he will still be there waiting for us and won’t give up, no matter how long He waits for us to come back. Following the mini message, Corey prayed and then we headed outside for the remainder of the night where we hung out and played basketball.

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to return your medical release forms by NEXT Wednesday so you can go along with us for our mini golfing adventure.

Question of the Week: Which of our upcoming events are you most excited for? Least excited? Feel free to explain your answer 🙂