Hello Emerge! Good news, if you’re reading this, you’ve found our new blog!

Tonight we started off by hanging out and getting some other stuff ready for tonight. We began by playing a game where each of us drew a question out of a pile and asked it to ourselves and the group. There were a variety of questions that sparked many interesting side conversations.

After the game, we moved into Praise & Worship. Tonight’s songs were Forever, Happy Day, and Give Us Clean Hands. At the conclusion of Praise & Worship, Anna shared tonight’s mini message with us. Tonight’s message was that Jesus wants you to truly be his friend, not just someone who knows about God. She challenged each of us to read Matthew 2 this week.

After the mini message, we worked on sorting candy bars for our sale that kicked off tonight. If you weren’t there or didn’t get a box, see Anna.

See you Sunday!

TTYL . . .